Introducing new marketing relations

Some of you would have heard of Auntie AIDA, a marketing term which translated means

A is for Attention

I is for Interest

D is for Desire

A is for Action

But now I want to introduce to you Auntie ALICE:

A stands for Attractive graphic design with Attention to detail

L stands for Leading the way in designing Leaflets and other Literature

I stands for Interested in your business to Improve your marketing material

C stands for Clear, Concise and unCluttered graphic design, managed from Conception to Completion

E stands for Efficient and Effective products that are Economically good value

A good referral for me would be someone who wants to know more about both Auntie AIDA and ALICE, because “if writing for your leaflets seems too big a task, scintillating copywriting from Alice you must ask”!

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One Response to Introducing new marketing relations

  1. [...] technique I had used for the copy or words of the ad was AIDA, the marketing method which means ‘attention, interest, desire and action’. Her advert [...]


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