Buddies for Start-up Businesses?

I met a very nice lady at a networking evening and as she came from just around the corner from me we met up for a cappuccino. She was just starting out her business and was very keen to get as much information as possible. While I was relaying all the information I knew to help her, I saw that she was a wealth of information herself, especially in networking opportunities and marketing workshop details, and we talked continuously for over 2 hours!

We have been meeting regularly since then, simply to pass on information and help each other. Having this ‘businsess buddy’ has been invaluable in bouncing ideas, filtering bad and irrelevant material, directing each other to important websites and other marketing information, and providing general backup and encouragement.

Information for start-up businesses is either brilliant or downright lousy, as it is a post-code lottery as to where you start up. Sure, there are lots of websites out there providing marketing information and networking opportunities, but not all these are accessible for women starting their business with not much funding and children to look after. I wish there were more networking meetings during the lunchhour and at more reasonable attendance rates – why does everything have to be geared towards making lots of money? Where’s the altruism? Money will come later, once you’ve got the goodwill of those who you are in contact with, and even if they can’t afford your services at the time, they will surely refer you to others who can.

Does anybody else out there have a business buddy? And what do you think about this concept?



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