Free Advice – with thanks

I would like to say thank you to all those helpful people who have been giving me free advice lately. When you’re starting out or turning a new corner in your business, these kind of people are invaluable and an acknowledgement is essential to emphasise your gratitude.

One of the ways to gain a reputation is to become an expert in your field, and this includes providing a complimentary session to impart your knowledge to a grateful recipient. To business beginners, this wealth of information is vital to guide us through the straight and narrow, with the hope that they take heed and act upon your wisdom, recommend you to others and finally mark their appreciation by taking up your services in the future.

I want to acknowledge those who have helped me and are therefore the most memorable. This list will be edited as and when I receive further guidance and information, so watch this space…

Cheryl Swaby
Karen Skidmore, CanDoCanBe
Martin Mellor, Thames Valley Business Advisors
Jackie Jarvis, Marketingco
George Poole, Reading Enterprise Gateway
Jo Parker, thebestof Reading



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