A BBC Experience

My good friend Cheryl asked me to accompany her to take part in a BBC Radio Berkshire broadcast with her. Apparantly ‘strong’ women were requested to answer a few difficult questions in a lunchtime programme. This sounded a bit unnerving, but I felt that a chance to publicise my business to a potential audience for free should not be passed over, so I agreed.

The questions themselves were probing: What is the rudest thing anyone has done to you? Have you ever broken a confidence? What is your most used excuse? This was a little worrying, I didn’t want to paint myself into a bad light, but neither did I want to seem naive or weak.

The trouble is, my name, Alice, means honesty and truth, and I try to adhere to this as much as possible. This has, of course, got me into trouble now and again, as there are so many unscrupulous people out there who can spot an honest person from miles away and rise to the challenge! Being ‘streetwise’ or business aware can help prevent this, as can gaining experience and learning from your mistakes. Listening to people, absorbing their knowledge, retaining necessary information and then implementing it for your own purposes to further your own ideals.

Anyway, once inside the BBC premises I had a chance to learn more about business. Learning from successful organisations and studying what it is that makes them so is a great way of improving your own. Take their logo, for example. It’s clean, crisp and simple, authoritative and fashionable, using their own font and colours which can be adapted accordingly. Having total recognition helps, of course, but I often think a logo should explain what it does without the viewer having to work too hard to understand it. And this is also reflected in the way the corporation works too, providing a professional approach that is recognised throughout the world and sets it apart from its competitors.

And why can’t this concept should be used in your business too? I believe clear, concise and uncluttered design can maximise the potential of publicising your organisation. Sometimes the most simplest of ideas are the most effective, eliminating red herrings, eradicating confusion, and cleansing the background to bring out what is most important. Let simplicity and clarity (and honesty) shine through!



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