Business graphics – are yours relevant?

I was asked to write a short entry (a good exercise to limit your thoughts to a few words) for another newsletter, and this is it:

“After returning from a networking event, I try to match my collected business cards with whom I’ve just met. This is easy if the logo or organisation is exactly what it says on the tin: Alice Designs – I’m called Alice and I create designs!

“Look at your promotional material and your logo. If you’re not sure whether it’s obvious or not, ask someone not associated with your business, eg a child. Children are perceptively intuitive, and if you can explain your business to them and get instant understanding, you’ve won!

“Graphic design should be clear and simple. It should not be cluttered up with fancy backgrounds, miniscule images, indecipherable fonts, badly positioned layout and confusing copy. Well-written headlines, relevant text, explanatory pictures and easily accessible contact details can make or break your promotional material, since in this world of quick-fire information, instant recognition is everything. If the customer can’t get what they want immediately, you’ve lost.

“For more information, check out my website for clear, concise and uncluttered design.”

Comments please, Alice


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