Newsletters – unclutter the corrections

One continuing project I have is to design the Reading Cycle Campaign’s quarterly newsletter (click on this newsletters link to view some of them).

Now there is always something that has to go in last minute as contributors have second thoughts, some research comes up, developments materialise, or a gaff has to be corrected! Even the smallest amendments can create massive changes to the layout, and this has to be accommodated in a seamless fashion.

That’s why I work with Quark XPress. This may be deemed a little old fashioned by some designers, but I have complete faith in Quark when it comes to magazine work. I find other publishing packages are lacking in basic requirements to ‘squeeze that extra bit in’. I’ve worked with Quark for many years, and during that time I’ve developed the skill to cope with any amendment that falls on my lap, process it efficiently and create the necessary effects so that it looks like nothing has happened at all!

This ties in neatly with my own campaign regarding ‘clear, concise and uncluttered graphic design’, which all depends on how dexterous you are in making totally unnoticeable changes.

Watch this space, as I’m sure I will be making further comments on this subject in the future!



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