Punctuation within Presentation

During lunch with a friend (and past customer) the other week we discussed the lack of punctuation and grammar in writing nowadays.  My schooling started at the beginning of the decline in literacy education, whereas my friend, being more mature, still remembered fondly ‘how English was taught correctly’ and bemoaned how many discrepancies she saw about her.  We both particularly mourned the misuse of the apostrophe, especially within plural usage, and how it can totally spoil literature or promotional material.

She’s quite right, of course.  I can think of some quite high-powered people, teachers even, who should know better and misuse their apostrophes left, right and centre. And there aren’t enough readers who will either notice or know how to correct it properly.

Bad grammar provides an unfavourable impression, and adds to the illegible factor that litters publications in so many areas.  Signs and banners are particularly prone to this affliction, due to insufficient grammatical training in their authors.  There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful design ruined by a hideous spelling mistake right smack in the middle! And all due to ignorance of correct punctuation within presentation.


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