Business cards and necessary content

At a recently networking event I met an interesting man from a psychology-based company. He told me about this particular man and his use of business cards.

He had two versions of his business cards printed. One had just his company’s logo, name and nothing else, and the other had the same plus his contact details. At networking events, he decides which one he wants to give out according to the kind of person he is talking to.

If he is interested in the person, he gives them the one with the contact details. If the person just routinely asks for a business card, he gives the other one. If the recipient just pockets it, it is obvious that they were not interested, but the ones who are genuinely interested look at it and question why there are no contact details, he takes back the card, whisks out his fountain pen with a flourish, and writes his details on the back of his card using his best calligraphy. This provides a personal touch designed to impress.

Interesting idea – but would it work for you? Sometimes the distribution of business cards at networking events can be haphazard and do you always remember which one goes with which person when you get home or retrieve them the next morning? Especially when you want to email follow-ups…

Another idea I heard if you want to make an impression: wear a large badge which says something like ‘Hi, my name is Alice‘ (obviously substitute your own name) and see what reaction you get – it could be interesting!


6 thoughts on “Business cards and necessary content

  1. What a great idea. I am sure this guy stands out at his networking events and gets remembered. I know I am a big believer of receiving more business cards than I give out. I would much rather get someone else’s details than merrily hand out my cards left, right and centre. More control over our future communication and less money spent of stationary đŸ™‚


  2. Hi Alice

    Great meeting you last night and as you can see, I’ve heeded your advice and am checking out your blog. On the theme of biz cards, I find the manner in which the recipient treats your card is most telling, as is their readiness to give you theirs. Last night I was asked for my card, but then it was left on the table and when I asked for her card, 1 attendee didn’t give it to me – ah well! But one should be careful not to jump to hasty conclusions…..
    Have a good day!


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