Corkily Clear

Last month I attended a seminar on how to present yourself properly.  A speech therapist gave a thoroughly humorous talk on how to use your voice, and at one point he produced a load of corks, which he handed out to us.

Well, the mind boggles on what to do with your cork, but apparently we had to put them in our mouths, hold them with our teeth, and then read out from a sheet.  After sounding very silly for a while (this exercise certainly sorted out the more self-conscience in the audience) we then removed out corks and repeated our speeches.  Wow, what a difference!  Freed from the hindrance of the cork, our annunciation had greatly improved, especially for me, as I usually get my words all in a muddle when reading out loud.

The moral is, if you need to speak more clearly, keep a cork in your handbag! Now, how does this relate to creating publicity material…?


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