Spacious versus Squashed

I picked up two leaflets from my local gym, both advertising beauty therapies. The difference between the two was not what they did, but how they were presented.

One was crammed full of all kinds of treatments, listing all her services from manicures to makeup sessions, waxing to massage, eye-lash tinting to collagen treatment – busy, busy, busy. She obviously felt she needed to list everything with her prices, but the result was very difficult to focus on.  The titles were the same size as the descriptions, with no line-spaces between, and used a difficult colour to see against a white background. Very small pictures were dotted around filling any spaces there were left.  It was difficult to navigate to the next section, and the concertina folded effect added to the confusion.

By contrast, the other didn’t have so many options to choose from, so she was able to space them out with little explanations and proper headings so you could find your way around her leaflet.  There were definite themes, prices were properly laid out (not mingled in with the text), and careful folding defined the package and incentive page to tempt her potential customers. Her choice of colour contrasted nicely with the white space, and her logo was simple and modern (the other didn’t have a logo).  Even though she didn’t have so many treatments on offer, I had more confidence in her as a therapist.

Two factors here: one is, obviously, not to bombard your customers with too much information in your publicity material, as it can be off-putting; and two, be more selective in what you advertise so to present a more professional approach.  The second therapist may offer just as much as the first, but her customers will find that out once they pass through her doors…


3 thoughts on “Spacious versus Squashed

  1. I had the good fortune to meet the owner of the second leaflet described in this blog, and her presentation and attitude immediately confirmed why her leaflet worked. Simplicity and clarity were paramount, concise focus on her services, positive drive in communications and recognition of incentives all contributed towards a woman prone to succeed, and all at the tender age of 20!


  2. Thanks Dave for commenting on my blog.

    I had a quick look at your website – very interesting.

    I have a newsletter called ‘Clear the Clutter’ which I use to develop a relationship with my contacts. I would be delighted if you would like to subscribe, and also provide a short contribution (up to 200 words) on your business for it (based on clear, concise and uncluttered). I want to concentrate on the subject of leaflets in future editions, so any ideas I should develop and top tips (suitably acknowledged) would be very welcome.

    Please go to for further information.

    Thanks again, Alice


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