Kicking into Touch

I am always pleased when I come across great design, especially when it’s an upgrade from an existing product. I would like to draw attention to Karen Skidmore’s Kick-Ass Blog, which has been most successfully redesigned by Claire Raikes of the Business Blog Angel. I particularly like the snazzy logo-links that direct the reader to other parts of Karen’s website, large, bright, bold and very inviting – you just want to click on them to see where they go.

Having just totally redesigned my own website, it now looks very bland compared to Karen’s blog. I’ve noticed other sites with brightly coloured links that entice you to take action – you certainly can’t miss them and curiosity always wins in the end. Another ingenious way to get your customers past the index page!


One thought on “Kicking into Touch

  1. Hi Alice. Thank you for your positive comments. I am really pleased with what Claire has done to my site.

    Good design is so important, isn’t it? It’s like the packaging to your product. And I like your design of your site – it reflects exactly what you offer – clear, concise and uncluttered 🙂


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