Technology – does too much affect marketing?

The world moves on so rapidly, and so much is now possible in the world of technology, there is always the urge to use everything that is available. It’s like being a child in a toy shop: Everything’s wonderful! Wow, look at that! How does that work? That’s really impressive! I want one!

But it’s like my soup blog, you can’t put everything into the pot and expect it to taste nice. However weird and wonderful it may seem, is it really necessary?  Does blinking adverts and moving images really make a difference? Do they not annoy and divert the customers’ attention from the true purpose of your website? And the spiders on the web interested as well? You may find they totally ignore them and do nothing at all for your SEO!

Moving gallery shows are only effective if used wisely, like promoting a book or showing examples. Opening your website with them totally defeats the object, for unless your surfer has time to wait, boredom or confusion will set in and they’re off. But if you do use a gallery, situate it in a clear background and large enough screen, thus avoiding unnecessary squinting, peering and on-coming headaches.

Another gimmick is to have wide-screens with rolling Powerpoint shows. This can be impressive, but care needs to be taken presenting your information, with concise text, simple backgrounds and each page not over-full to allow the reader enough time to read it before it changes. Don’t go mad with all the special effects available, as this contributes to cluttering and can look amateurish. A few well chosen simply produced styles can easily aid effective absorption of your message.

People have different attitudes to technology – the younger set react more to the possibilities and, as well as understanding them better, want to use them all the time.  But taking a step back and choosing wisely, considering which one is the best use of money, time and resources, will allow your audience to enjoy your marketing, respond favourably and serve their purpose.


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