You’ve designed your product – now what?

I had a very interesting lunchtime meeting with Complete Packaging Ltd, a firm that not only deals with the external visual marketing element of your product, but also the processes from conception to completion – from your initial idea to your client receiving the finished article.  Mark Jones, the manager, described to me a series of scenarios regarding some projects he had undertaken, varying in complexity as he coped with situations that arose throughout his progress.

One of his main criteria is to provide a service that covers all aspects of promotion, which include initial concept and efficiency of design, packaging and compilation, distribution and transit, returns and feedback. The idea is his company can manage the entire process in-house: continuous communication between the different stages, with efficiency and effectiveness going hand in hand, expertise in packaging and distribution becoming married together, and the customer’s expectations all taken care of.

Mark’s experience in distribution and transit held him in good stead when he realised that so much of his loads were so poorly designed they were unable to survive their journeys.  His company undertake research into not only how the packaging looks, but also into compilation efficiency (putting the boxes together and using suitable materials to protect the contents), storage effectiveness (for warehouses and transport transit), eliminating damage processes (handling and distribution), and refining each process to the final stage.

Design doesn’t only include creating leaflets and brochures or products and packaging, the process of getting them out to the customer is just as important.  That’s where Complete Packaging Ltd comes in, should you need help in the next stage with your publicity material.


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