Postcard Possibilities

Having browsed through my blog list, I came across this posting about postcards, which I would like to share with you:

I’ve always liked postcards – they’re such a versatile media to work with. You could pack all your details onto both sides, or design them so they can be popped into the post with the traditional stamp in the corner. They can be enclosed in a C6 envelopes (found in a myriad of colours to match your design) or just have your details on one side to leave on side-tables or counters as walk-past publicity.

Why not try the concept from the post above? Setting up a serial of postcards spread over several weeks to get your message across in small bite-sized pieces is an effective way of drawing attention to youself – I was once bombarded in the same way by a printer touting for my custom and I certainly knew who they were when they called me later to see if I had received them. They succeeded in making an impression because I have remembered them to make this post now!

And watch out for my own new postcard design, just getting it ready to hit the streets very soon!


2 thoughts on “Postcard Possibilities

  1. That’s a terrific idea – thanks for the link to the article! I’ve sent out postcards in the past but only had one design to choose from. Maybe next time I’ll order a series of designs from my usual printers and see what happens.


  2. This technique has worked well! Postcards also work well in generating new clients and leads when you send them to your targeted market. We’ve sent them to chiropractic offices nationally and had great success! If any of your readers would like, we’ll offer them turn key campaigns that start at only 25 cents each. Just trying to help! Thats the JustUs Advertising way.


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