Food for Thoughtful Branding

Today I attended an excellent seminar on ‘The Power of Branding’ by Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe. One of the exercises we had to think about was to compare our business with a supermarket product, so I thought of a cake. A high quality, freshly baked, extremely delicious carrot cake you would buy for a special occasion, such as to impress your rich Aunt Agatha who was coming to tea and you wanted to keep yourself in her good books.

Here are the questions with my answers:

Where in the store would you be found?
In the bakery section amongst the daily fresh produce.

What is displayed next to you?
Lots of different cakes, all competing for presentation, flavour and taste.

What kind of other brands would be around you?
Speciality cakes produced for particular occasions to create a good impression, and other kinds of baked products of various descriptions and quality.

What special offers would your provide?
A plate of small portions for free tasting aimed at passer-bys to entice them to buy the whole cake.

What makes you stand out on the shelf?
My presentation within the chilled counter, displayed appropriately on a stemmed stand. As well as my taste and flavour I would rely on my colour and moistness of my slices embellished by scrumptious looking icing and decoration, but not too much as ‘less is more’.

What price tag would you have?
Middle of the road, but with quality that is extremely good value.

What other items would your buyer have in their trolley?
Nice teas and fancy biscuits, fresh and organic produce, healthy and environmentally friendly foods and fair-trade items; I would like someone who understands good food.

What other aspects or description would you have?
I would need to look tempting, especially next to the double chocolate fudge cake, and would rely on a good salesperson who has a passion for healthy cakes and fully understands my ingredients.

What product would you be and what would be your answers to these questions?


One thought on “Food for Thoughtful Branding

  1. Hi Alice – I am really glad you benefited from yesterday’s session and enjoyed the supermarket exercise 🙂 I love your answers and the connection to making a good impression for “Aunt Agatha” is great!

    Thanks for all your contribution during the morning and see you again soon,



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