Websites – are they like clocks?

There are two different kinds of web designers. In spite of those who combine these traits and would therefore be classed as a ‘super web designer’ (a rare breed), most lesser mortals are usually one of the following: either a web designer or a web programmer.

What’s the difference?  Well, let’s look at it through an antique clock.

You go to an antique fair and you see this fabulous travelling clock. It’s just the right size for your mantel-piece, made up with walnut veneer for the case and decorated with gold plating on the hands and face. The beautiful paintings inside just add to the finish.  Wonderful.  But just one thing, it doesn’t work.

So you take it to a specialised clock-maker. They look at it carefully all over and agree to mend the mechanism.  The carefully clean all the cogs, springs and internal workings and they discover that not only does it keep time, but it has a chime with quarters and an alarm. To make it work they had to replace some new cogs, re-balance the weights and adjust the tiny hammers, all in keeping within the clock’s original design.

The web designers are like the craftsmen who created the clock’s face and case, with it’s beautiful workmanship and sumptuous materials – what you see and appreciate.  The web programmers are like the clock restorers, who reinstalled the internal workings, made the clock keep perfect time and woke up it’s delicate click and enchanting chime – what you hear and understand.

A website is like a beautiful travelling clock which needs to have both sets of web experts to bring out its true qualities, to educate, enthrall, entertain and encourage its readers to understand its contents and therefore your business.

What’s my part in this?  Well, watch this space because I am looking to combine my web design (the clock face) with a web programmer (the cogs and springs) to create the wonderful websites especially for you!


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