Link-up to save you time

I recently met Jane Hall whose company Link-Up provides a distribution service for mailshots, light assembly, packaging and shrink-wrapping of goods and postage.

Why did I think this was relevant to me? Two fold: first to save me time. It is much more cost-worthy to outsource tedious, time-consuming jobs such as putting leaflets into envelopes by giving it to other people who specialise in this work, while I can get on with offering practical advice, designing people’s promotional literature, researching to marketing methods and writing more articles. And secondly it will combine with my future project of paper newsletters, researching into more efficient and ‘green’ posting methods to make distribution via post cost-worthy and more effective than an in-box of email spam.

What else does Jane’s business offer? She can mail-merge your labels for your envelopes, adapt the franking processes to include other logos as well as their own, can collate up to 10 items at a time and bind papers together,  copy small amounts of leaflets to make up shortfalls in printers’ deliveries, place or replace packaging into boxes with the mail-outs, put together simple assembly kits – no job is too small (or too big). In fact check out her company to see if she can help you become more efficient and enable you to get more lucrative work done in half the time.


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