Pandora and the Video

I had my video done last week by Gillian Gee of Oceanwake Services Ltd.  Gillian has an excellent technique of getting the right kind of material out of you through her interviewing techniques, and combined with her superb editing skills with her latest equipment and technology, I am hoping for a piece of visual media I shall be happy to show everybody!

One of the things she managed to worm out of me was my idea about promotional literature being a  source of curiosity. It should be designed so that the reader not only gets the message, but wants to know more by being enticed into opening and reading the remainder of the leaflet. The reader should be ‘navigated’ through the material by the design, which should be clear, concise and uncluttered and have a good structure and curiosity factor. A cleverly constructed headline especially formulated to grab the reader’s attention, deliver the content’s gist succinctly and maintain interest in the product, should be backed up with a relevant and striking image, quick and easy delivery of your promotion’s benefits adapted particularly for scanning abilities, an enticing incentive to take action to find out more or make a purchase, and your contact details clear, large and visually marked for easy absorption.

Stimulating the reader into becoming Pandora with the leaflet as her box is the first step towards getting your message across – hopefully this time being good news and not heralding the end of the world!


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