How many more ways are there to use a postcard?

Don’t think of a postcard as just a medium for direct mail. It is so versatile that if you are able to let your imagination loose you could adapt it for so many different purposes.

For example, in my last post I suggested breaking your business into its component parts, or small, bite-sized chunks and putting each of them onto a postcard.  Why? – so your customers can have the opportunity to truly understand what it is you do. There may be some factors that they haven’t associated with you before, leading to a “I didn’t know you did that” scenario. Adapt it to play on their curiosity – tempt them into asking questions and lead them down different avenues – allow them to explore more possibilities.  Display them for individual selection, or present them as a package in their own special folder.

Use a postcard to promote a new service or product you may be developing. To have a better impact target your postcards to a choice number of people who you know will be interested, and follow it up with a sample of your product, hand delivered in special packaging, to kindle their interest even further (especially if it is either useful or of good value).

If you’re holding a seminar or talk to publicise your service, send out postcards in a ticket-format with a tear off slip or stamped self-addressed reverse, combined with a time-dependent call to action with a free gift or another incentive to guarantee returns.

Spread your good news with a postcard – crow about your accomplishments, publish a glowing testimonial, share your fantastic results to impress your customers – let people know that you, your business and your product/service are succeeding!

Use it for PR purposes – newspaper editors might notice something different in their postbags rather than boring A4 press-releases. (And don’t forget to hit them between the eyes with a mind-blowing headline and make your contact details really clear to get that call!)

Use the stamped self-addressed idea for a marketing questionnaire.  Get some feedback from your client base, both past and prospective, to find out how to improve and provide a better service.  (Don’t forget to offer gifts and incentives by a particular date to get a response.)

Are there any more?  Of course, we haven’t explored postcard newsletters – marketing ideas from the USA.  More in a future blog…


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