Colours, carstickers and pigs!

At a networking meeting this morning I had quite a number of thoughts come to me. One was stimulated by some vibrantly pink leaflets one lady was handing out. They were very noticeable, especially when everybody seems to be sporting one amongst their piles of business cards they were clutching beneath their cappuccinos. Maybe colour is important when it comes to being noticed.  An eminent marketing adviser told me last week that he sends out bright orange postcards with handwritten notes to follow on from his telephone information calls.  He doesn’t expect the readers to remember everything that is written on them, but that the colour should make such an impression he is remembered as ‘the man who sends out those orange postcards’. They are ideal, of course, for those fervent searches for his information amongst piles of other papers.

One business card I was given I noticed had a shape of a pig stamped out of it. Of course I soon realised it matched the pig logo, but this ‘hole’ marked it out from the sea of other business cards that get stuffed into your pocket during networking meetings. It belonged to Sue Wilson and her discount club. We soon got talking about marketing ideas, which led to the concept of how to get your website noticed without wasting your money on advertising. I asked her whether she had considered a car sticker, and suggested she designed one consisting of pictures of pigs displaying her website URL across the back window of her car.  The vision of a procession of five large pink omnivores nose to tail across her rear view tickled her imagination, and she promised to send me a picture of them once she’d had them done. Do you have a fun image you could use to display your URL on your car?


One thought on “Colours, carstickers and pigs!

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