Have you considered a blogsite?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a website that achieves almost immediate recognition from search engines and benefits from frequent updates that are achievable by you and not a web-designer?

This is all possible from a ‘blogsite’, a combination of a website and a blog from WordPress, the blog provider I use for my own blog here, but the difference is that a blogsite needs to be hosted and is obtainable from wordpress.org, not like my free blog from wordpress.com.

Think of it as a blog with static pages like a website.  Once main advantage is that these static pages can include shopping carts and other e-commerce activities, something the blog-police disallow on free blogs. It uses an ordinary URL like a website, unlike my blog URL which has to include wordpress within it. Each post has a permalink that contains more beneficial SEO qualities, and is not over-long with the date, category, abbreviated blog title and other unnecessary information.

Because a blogsite has a blog incorporated within it, it is picked up by the search engines within hours, unlike an updated website which can take weeks.  Having such immediate recognition helps towards building up your relationship with your clients, and yes, you can include autoresponder forms for your newsletters too. All this is, of course, enhanced by frequent blog posting, as this keeps the spiders happy and all those lovely contextual links get to work on your other websites and internet activities.

And of course the blog part takes advantage of getting more traffic through integrating with Web 2.0, the new phase the internet is going through which includes encouraging web interaction with visitors. Stuff your articles with keywords and tags, not only in the content but more importantly in the headlines as well, and keep everything short and sweet yet provocative to encourage comments, feedback and suggestions. Frequent visitor interaction enhances SEO, especially when it is of value.


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