What advantages are there in a blogsite?

Most of us understand the concept of a blog: an on-line diary that is either used for personal reasons or to promote a business. It is an excellent tool for SEO (search engine optimisation) and to bring more traffic to your website and other on-line media, and allows you to explore, explain and express yourself and your business in a way that is not possible on a website. Multiple posting regularly each week will keep the spiders and search engines busy, and your audience will learn to expect frequent missives from you to learn the latest idea or share your successes and secrets, as well as receive advance notice of any events your are organising, be party to special offers that are available and be kept in the link of how your business is progressing. It’s almost as if your readers have a privileged toe-hold that the rest of the world is missing out on.

Now a blogsite combines the flexibility of the blog and its ability for frequent updates, immediate SEO and access onto other people’s PCs through RSS feeds, with the static backdrop of a website, including fixed information pages, a culture media for e-commerce systems, and the comfort of a navigable and visual brochure status through the world wide web. Your URL can be adapted for SEO and pay-per-click, your blog headlines are stuffed full of keywords combined with relevant tags, and you can take advantage of Web 2.0 for visitor interaction, as well as gathering their contact details to invite them to join your newsletter. All good stuff for generating leads and traffic.

Now another advantage of a blogsite is that it allows the owner to edit and add to contents without the need of a web designer.  Apologies to all those web designers out there, but not everyone wants to pay through the nose to change their text, create new pages, add pictures and frequently update their website to keep the SEO active. I consider myself privileged to be able to change my website at a drop of a hat, but this advantage is not available to all, especially if you’re not ‘techy’.  The beauty of a blogsite is that it is relatively easy to change the contents once it is set up, and posting up blogs is as easy as pie. Just think of the flexibility of adapting your on-line presence to whatever you want, whenever you want.


3 thoughts on “What advantages are there in a blogsite?

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