Start stocking up for stocking-fillers

Ah, September, a time for a new start!

Alice's promotional chocolate

My website has had a revamp and I’m starting out in my new venture in combining design with marketing to see what wonderful explosions that will create.

Meanwhile I have included a picture of some chocolate that was kindly made for me by Graham Harding of My Little Wrapper (tel: 01276 33718) – I know the design is very plain, but that was because I didn’t want to detract from the message: you must give your customers something that they would want and is of value to them, not what you think they need. OK, chocolate may not be essential, but nearly everybody would want a piece, surely?

How this applies to your leaflets, brochures, etc, depends on your target market, the product or service you are promoting, the purpose of your message, and the over-all purpose of the leaflet – to get customers now; to arouse awareness of your brand; to capture all prospective customers whether or not they are have an immediate interest; to act as a forerunner or teaser for something bigger in the future; the list could be endless.

Starting thinking about the message you are giving out – is it only banging on about how wonderful you are or your company is, and not concentrating on your customer? Could you turn your features around into benefits so that your customer will start to really understand what you can do for them? Don’t you think the first thing your customers should see is something to appeals to them, not yourself or your organisation?

Hey – I’ve just noticed the first thing you see on the chocolate is my name and logo – so I’m not practicing what I’m preaching – but make sure you don’t fall into that trap too!

More on chocolate in another post…


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