Presentation Presents

My Little Wrappers chocolate for Alice DesignsDuring BNI meetings each member has the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation to enable them to further explain their business to their fellow members and therefore generate more referrals and leads. Today we had an excellent presentation from Emily Wallace of Interlink Express, which included a very quick brainstorming session to help her extend her company’s services and provide a series of straplines for future networking.

One of the things she gave out to us to thank us for listening and to draw attention to herself and her company were little chocolate bars. They in fact were only Milky-Ways, but I thought wouldn’t it have been more effective if she had had her company’s logo, details and strapline or message on the wrapper (see my last post), as after the chocolate had been consumed, the wrapper would be kept and noted for future use or referrals.

Don’t miss a trick when it comes to promoting yourself for future retention through gimmicks.  Little presents like chocolate are nearly always appreciated (unless you’re losing weight or suffer from migrane) but you can always give it to someone else if you like (and keep the wrapper).


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