Portrait power showing your personality

Pictures of Rachel

Pictures of Rachel

Sometime last year I met up with a friend who showed me her husband’s latest toy – a whizz-bang digital camera. It could do everything except make a cup of tea.

At the same time my friend was moaning on about her pictures of herself and how terrible they looked. I said she really needed to get some professional ones done – but apparently her old ones were! Ooops. So I decided to do an experiment. We had an hour, so I decided to have a go with this fantastic camera.

The first half hour we messed about because she needed to relax and calm down, change her clothing into something she was more comfortable in, play with the tools of her trade and discuss exactly what she really wanted. The next half hour I took pictures. Most of them were unacceptable, but the beauty of a digital camera is that it doesn’t matter, you can easily delete them. But some of them were really good, capturing her when she wasn’t expecting it (no cheesy grins in posed positions here) and showing my friend in her true light as a warm, funny and exciting person.

I thought nothing of it, until she told me the other day that she has used them on her website and as photos in social networking sites and PR portraits. As a result her workload has increased dramatically, her expertise has soared and her publicity presence has improved immensely.  All because she had used some pictures that truly reflected her as a person and not some stiff board with a stuck on smile.

My next problem is how to create this for me, as I can’t point the camera at myself and press the shutter…


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