Renaming your Business with a Focus

At BNI this morning I spoke to one member who was undergoing the process of renaming his business. The quick advice I was able to give him in the five minutes we had was to brainstorm all the keywords he and his partners could think of that referred to his business, write them down in a huge list, compare them at a meeting and thrash out some ideas.

Gather ideas from on-line such as Wordtracker and off-line such as friends, family and colleagues, also when you’re driving around or thinking about a case/situation/meeting/email response – even if they sound stupid, unlikely or unsuitable – anything could finally trigger that fantastic answer you’ve been looking for.

And take your time to make your decision – it may come easily to you, or after weeks of sole-searching you may even go for the original one you first thought of! Never rush into a renaming job too quickly – it’s too much hassle and time-consuming to change it later.


One thought on “Renaming your Business with a Focus

  1. Wordtracker is a great suggestion. I would also recommend Market Samurai, a new market research program that has a lot of free resources. (I’ve used both, and I find Market Samurai a little more user-friendly.)

    Thanks for your response to my query on Womens Marketing Forum — you gave me some great stuff to work with, and I look forward to reading your blog.

    I’ll be in touch! Take care.


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