Slow and steady wins the race

I’ve just come back from a coaching and mentoring session with Annie O’Neill, the Divorce Coach (no, don’t worry, I’m not getting divorced, it’s just that she has lots of other skills up her sleeve) and she had many good points to say to help me transverse that wide divide towards eliminating my daemons!

One was to slow down my speech.  This brings to mind another blog I wrote just over a year ago about speaking on the telephone: which has proved quite popular recently. My brain has a tendency to work nineteen to the dozen (Annie pointed out that we think tens of thousands of thoughts every day) but this also comes out when I open my mouth. The idea of presentation leading on to understanding and therefore action has to be undertaken at a measured pace, gabbling with only cause confusion and inevitably missed opportunities.

My next project is to work out how to slow down. Also to listen more and stop myself from just saying things that aren’t really necessary – something my daughter calls ‘Mummy-Facts’ – as interruptions can be detrimental because the other person may not interpret them as your thought processes vocalising themselves, but merely that you aren’t listening properly and must have your say.

The same goes with marketing. Don’t put too much information into play at one time. Leave time for a concept to be absorbed and appreciated, the idea explored and played with, methods and alternatives considered, and eventually implementation. Gentle reminders help with procrastination, as we’re all busy people with more pressing problems to hand.

Design-wise this idea goes hand in hand with the sequential form of a postcard campaign, a drip-feed of information over a period of time, allowing the prospect to come to terms with your promotion or services. Another marketing side is this process is also achieved through sending out regular newsletters and blogging frequently.


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