Aussie Ads Cause Total Disruption

We tried to watch a Harry Potter film the other day on Australian television and it was virtually impossible. They have ads every ten minutes or so which last about five minutes, and the constant repeats were waring and annoying.  But what goaded me most was that they were so badly constructed I didn’t get what they were advertising about! The amount of money that must be spent and totally wasted, because I’m sure not every Australian is stupid enough to sit there gormly goggling at the TV regardless what is on, so activities must happen inbetween the programmes (getting another beer from the fridge, chasing cockroaches around the room, cleaning the barbecue for the next round of steaks, swatting the mosquitoes because someone forgot to close the fly-door, swabbing after-sun gel on red and raw limbs) – which means either the ads are really useless in their purpose, or the ad-making companies don’t know how to construct an ad that is efficient in driving the message home. The only ones that worked were those that had been adapted from English ads (with Aussie dubbing) and they really stuck out like sore thumbs because I actually understood them. Maybe it’s a culture thing, or because I’m not Australian…


One thought on “Aussie Ads Cause Total Disruption

  1. The one thing that stuck out for me twenty odd years ago about Aussie ads, especially on the radio, were that they were so negative… they delighted in mentioning other companies and stating how useless they were, so you were supposed to get that the company advertising was somehow superior. This has only crept into UK ads very very recently such as the supermarkets comparing prices with other supermarkets, but even now they hold back from the derogatory remarks about each other…
    I totally agree about the total irritation of so many ads and so many disrupting breaks – if you watch Aussie shows on UK telly you can tell where the extra breaks would’ve been, and it would be a right pain.
    Then again last night at just before 8pm I almost lost my electricity as a result of no ads on the TV – the lights dimmed right down for a second – as a result of the vast numbers of people glued to Eastenders who sat for half an hour and then presumably all turned their kettles on at exactly the same time… !


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