How can your newsletters become successful?

Recently I was asked this question: “I need to know what is the success criteria of a newsletter, how could we know it will be appreciated or not?”

Success of a newsletter will be measured by the response you get from your readership, how many more subscriptions you get from word of mouth or referrals, recommendations from people viewing past issues, people contacting you to ask to submit articles or to advertise, and general feedback from the readership.

Don’t forget that the initial point of getting feedback is to ask for it. Set up competitions or other interactive activities that demand a response to gauge your popularity or whether your content is right. If you are sending out your electronic newsletter from an autoresponder, then your click rate should indicate how many are reading and reacting to your newsletter. Don’t just sit on your laurels and wonder if anybody is reading your stuff, set something up so you can measure a response. Good headlines leading onto apt, up-to-the-minute or relevant stories and content are key to encouraging a good click rate or passing interest.

Success depends on whether your newsletter is readable, easy to understand, has consistent areas or departments your readership can relate to, for example the news section or letters page, is well designed with appropriate columns and relevant pictures, headlines that grab the attention of the skimmer reader, uncluttered design for instant readability, noticeable banners for fast recognition, full use of effective colour if your budget affords it, or plenty of ‘white space’ if only in black and white.

Oh, yes, and great content!

Any other questions, please feel free to go ask Alice!


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