Get decluttering to clear the way forward

Marketing is all about raising awareness and forming relationships with potential customers. It is also analysing what your customers want and need, and providing a solution within your products and services.

During a credit crunch it is wise to focus on the areas that sell well. Declutter and remove the things that aren’t necessary or are clogging the most important areas of your business, and start to highlight and expand on your most profitable products or services.

Set up a survey or questionnaire with your past, existing and prospective customers to get feedback on your business or premises. Hold a competition, send a Christmas card, or throw a party for your best customers and friends to give that New Year positive feeling and get a sure-fire response.

Capitalise on the areas that show your business off to its best advantage. Really stop and think how you can describe your business in as simplest terms as possible, and then market that profitable area as much as you can. Really think about your customers’ wants and needs, and create a solution within your products or services.

Keep up to date with the latest trends, and move your business along with them. You don’t need to be ultra-techie, just adjust what you are offering to match the current state of affairs. Be aware of what other people are thinking.

Don’t forget how busy people are nowadays – can you think of a way to make them stop and look for longer? All you need to do is to get them to cross your threshold…

Display your knowledge, and offer something for nothing that won’t undermine your business. It gives a good impression, sets you up as an expert, and gets your customers on your side. And keep promoting a positive, successful attitude with good benefits, quality and value for money.


2 thoughts on “Get decluttering to clear the way forward

  1. Hee. As a professional organizer, I have to agree with your headline…decluttering is the way to go.

    In business processes, as with all the other areas of our lives, we must eliminate the clutter of things that represent the past we didn’t carry forward and the clutter of ill-conceived things we hang onto as part of an unfocused idea of the future. This allows us to shine focus on what’s functional, useful, enjoyable and meaningful, for ourselves and our clients.

    Great advice!


  2. Hi Alice

    That’s very true. If you can prioritise and focus on what’s important you’re more likely to get things done.

    Of course, as a Coach, I have to say that you should always have a written list of goals. If your goals are written and SMART (specific, measured, achievable, realistic, timed) then you are more likely to achieve them. If anyone needs any help with that you know where to come!

    Annie O’Neill, The Divorce Coach
    New Horizons Divorce Coaching


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