No such thing as a free lunch…

Please don’t fall into the same trap as I did. Beware of  ‘fantastic deals’ on the internet – you know, those sales letters that are a million miles long and full of good reasons to buy this particular product, but they are offering 80% off if you buy before a certain date – read the small print before you press that button.

I succumbed to a particular teleseminar that seemed very tempting, only $20 rather than $97, and even though this live event was held in the US (and therefore in the small wee hours in the UK), it would be recorded and released later. This sounded too good to be true, so I paid my $20 and looked forward to the email after the event directing me to the link where I could listen later at my convenience. After all, I had done this before with other reputable American organisations with no trouble whatsoever, and recorded links to seminars were an agreeable perk to us disadvantaged British citizens across the pond and therefore in a different time-zone.

The email came with the desired link, which when duly activated revealed that if I wanted to listen to the recorded version I had to pay to join a membership scheme at about $60 a month. There was not only the inconvenience of paying the $60 to listen to the teleseminar, but once listened to I would have had to de-activate my membership if I didn’t want to continue. And in my experience de-activating membership schemes once you’ve obtained what you really wanted in the first place has only led to trouble and bad feelings. It makes you look like a cheap-scape information-grabbing annoyance with no regard for the reputation of either party.

The moral of this story? Don’t fall for ‘too good to be true’ massive discounts on internet based products, especially if you cannot listen to them in real time. Relying on getting access to a promised recording (without prior experience of the seller) cannot be guaranteed, especially if you didn’t read the small print, which may have explained that to have access to this recording you will need to join his membership first. Result = greed makes you lose your money for nothing.


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