Adapt your products, not your customers

In these difficult times, it isn’t easy to get your customers to keep on buying. So you must change for the better.

First, analyse the product that sells the best. Find out why, which attributes are so popular, what aspect appeals to encourage a sale, and how does this product benefit your customers, what value is it to them and what is it that they want the most.

Once this has been accomplished, whether by going through your records, doing research, collecting questionnaires or whatever, then you must adapt your other products to suit. Obviously your popular product is selling, so the others must gain similar attributes to do the same.

Another tip: you could use your most successful product as bait to get your customers across your threshold. Once captured, you are then in a better position to educate, offer, seduce, cajole your customers into becoming aware of what else you have to sell, it all depends on your patter, the value of your products and any savings that can be made.

If your product isn’t doing terribly well, look at your competition. What are they doing right? Or are they really, and can you do better? Consider the environment, season, economics, trends, news that could influence either the way your customers are thinking or how your product can be adapted. Try and keep one step ahead.

And what about all those potential customers, those who are interested but are not yet ready to buy? Do you have a way of capturing their details by offering them something irristible that they cannot do without, yet practically costs you nothing? By investing in warm contacts you can educate, offer, seduce, cajole (again) this new customer source for a future sale; they will be the first to know of any new products that you have developed that ‘just hit the spot’, and sales can be encouraged using the ‘early bird catches the worm’ syndrome to guarantee more sales then ever before…

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