It’s all in the name

Just a quick post to say how important it is to value your customers special details, such as their names. In America it is an insult to either spell or pronounce someone’s name incorrectly, yet in Britain people just do not care. If you don’t take care with your customers’ personal details, why should they care about you?

Both my maiden and married names are regularly spelt wrong. When I was first married our joint account’s new cheque book had a different spelling than that of my husband’s. That, I consider, is just sloppy. My daughter’s new cash card didn’t even have the end of her surname because it ‘had fallen off the end’. When I asked for this to be corrected, they wanted to adjust her first name to an initial, yet keep her middle name intact, so there would enough room for her surname. Apparently the system didn’t allow for her first name in full, middle initial and surname – how stupid is that?


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