Condense and Pinpoint for Focus

Speaking at a networking session today with a would-be catering manager, I helped her visualise how to set up her business for marketing purposes.

Her forte was in organising dinner parties, so I suggested she should create five different kinds of hostesses, each with a different kind of dinner party. The reason behind this is if she is able to focus on five scenarios to provide examples for her customers to understand her services, promotion becomes easier.

It is important to create a hostess for each ‘package’ or dinner party. By focusing on a person, your marketing edge becomes keener, and prospective customers will probably rearrange the way they think towards that particular hostess rather than the other way round. Each hostess can display a particular style of party, not just size and contents, and customers should be invited to ask whether a combination of party packages can be catered for – thus getting them across the threshold and into the clutches of your sales pitch!

By simplifying and honing in on what services you provide, and displaying them in easy-to-understand packages, customers are more likely to respond favourably and make contact to find out more. Always appear welcoming and friendly, which means each scenario presented, even though boundaries are deployed, should not be seen to be set in stone, yet always appear organised and professional.


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