Baker’s dozen should encourage luck

What is the concept of the baker’s dozen?

For those who don’t know, this is when the baker give you 12 buns or cakes or whatever, and because you are a regular customer and he wants to to keep you happy, he pops another one into the bag as a complimentary gift.

This is his way of adding value to his service to you. It probably doesn’t cost him much to give you the extra bun or cake, but it will mean a lot to you, and a lot to him to keep your custom.

What is your way of adding that extra bun or cake? Offering as much free stuff as you can, especially your expertise in the form of blogging or article writing, will maintain your reputation and help other businesses as well. Altruism should always be encouraged and never abused.

By adding value to your contributions, your status will be increased and this should encourage recipients to remember you later when they need your product or services.


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