What does the word ‘marketing’ mean to you?

Why is it with reporters and broadcasters always associate advertising as the primary source of marketing? Is there a mental block with the public when it comes to understanding what marketing is? Is advertising always the first thing people think of when the word ‘marketing’ is mentioned?

I suppose that is the case, because advertising tends to be the most visible form of marketing. But it is also the most expensive, and, in most cases, the most unproductive, especially if it is not done well. I have seen some really bad examples: companies assuming all their readers know who they are, or their message is too cryptic so it doesn’t make sense, or blabbing on about themselves rather than what they can provide for their customers.

I suppose the misconception that advertising is the be-all-and-end-all of marketing will continue unless the public want to find out what marketing really is. This is probably because alot of marketing is almost invisible to the public, silently working away in the background creating that effective message to form relationships with people to eventually encourage them to buy.


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