Hold a blogging house party!

Recently I’ve been working hard persuading lots of business women to take up the blogging challenge. One in particular took the bull by the horns and has produced the most amazing blog (visually) within hours after I told her how to create one.

But the trouble is, now that she has created this wonderful masterpiece, that’s it. She’s stopped. She’s put up two posts and nothing else.

It’s like moving into a new house. You could spent a lot of time redecorating it and putting in a fabulous kitchen, trendy bathroom and filling the rooms with stylish furniture, and final touches like matching cushions with the curtains and pictures of your family on the mantlepiece.

But then you just sit outside in the garden and look at your new house. You don’t actually live in it!

But you have to get in and start making it your home with your personal knicknacks, mud on the hall carpet, soap scum around the bath, fridge magnets galore. Then you hold a huge house party (after you’ve cleaned up) and invite all your friends to come and enjoy your house with you!

The same is with your blog. You need to go in, live in it for a while (create lots of posts), personalise it, and then invite all your friends in (ask for feedback and comments). This is how you will get used to having a blog, find out its value, enjoy linking to lots of relevant sites, encouraging new readers, feedburning it to social networking, venting your spleen and exploring the reaction from a brand new idea, outrageous statement, superb source of information, or whatever.

Isn’t it depressing to visit a lonely, underused, neglected blog? Don’t let yours become like that!


2 thoughts on “Hold a blogging house party!

  1. Saw your comment on Twitter great post, I am not intending this to be spam this is where we are headed tonight. Fantastic to get off the internet to make real personal connections. http://lasvegas.beerandblog.com/

    I started networking because of my involvement with MLMs back in the early 80s when it was normal to actually shake hands speak with people in their homes

    Great thoughts
    Brad West ~ onomoney


  2. Good point Alice – but it is harder to stick with a blog than many mumpreneurs think. As part of a busy day, a blog can be seen as an ‘extra’ – but it can be a fun way to really improve your search engine results. I’ve seen visitors more than double since starting to blog on http://www.acpr.co.uk and http://www.familyfriendlyworking.co.uk. I really enjoy tracking down news for women in business and enterpreneurs, and have started getting a steady flow of useful books to review. So, if you have a dormant blog, think up some themes and ideas to make sure you are posting every day or two. Sign up for some relevant press release feeds to give you some new ideas. And ask some guest bloggers in to help you keep things going.


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