Comparing incentives with a trifle

One of the most important parts of a campaign is the call to action. This feature can manifest itself in a variety of ways, but one popular version is the ‘special offer’ acting as an incentive to get the customer to make contact.

Try to think of and create a really compelling ‘special offer’. Is it a free gift or sample, a special report, a video or audio to explain your business and offer advice, or an offer of time or consultancy (like my ‘free half hour health check’ to see how I can transform your literature into something more successful)?

Plan how tasty and full of value your gift will be, as these attributes all contribute to a more successful response. And don’t forget to make your offer time-dependent, as this increases the incentive factor.

Once you’ve decided what your incentive is, then it needs to be professionally produced. What methods will be used to package and deliver it? How easily can the customer view this offer, and what will compel them to sign up for it? The process needs to be made as easy as possible for the customer to rise to the occasion.

Then make sure you prepare yourself and your staff so that once the customers start taking the bait, you are ready and waiting for them. Not only should you have your patter up to speed, but you be ready with an opportunity up your sleeve for a series of upselling motives to add on if applicable.

Think of the call to action incentive on your advert or webpage as the sponge layer of the trifle. The upselling techniques should be represented by the jelly, fruit, custard, cream and, eventually, the chocolate sprinkles. Of course even with just one addition it will taste nice, but think how scrumptuous it will be with all the benefits added together! Plan your response methods to take the best advantage of the situation.


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