Don’t skimp during a recession

billboard1The last thing businesses should be doing during a recession is to limit their amount of marketing. In fact they should be focusing on highlighting all the positive aspects of their organisation so that once the recession has ended they are riding the crest of the wave.

It is a time for reflection and reorganisation, for analysis of where their business is going, for rewriting the text to make it more customer focused, for adapting the services or product to add value, for restructuring so to provide better upselling from an improved base, for watching their competitors to understand how to keep one step ahead, for creating new products ready for the ‘all clear’, for a chance to weed out ‘the wheat from the chaff’.

The Financial Times recently placed this advert on billboards (see picture) that showed exactly what many businesses do during a recession. Do you want your customers to forget who you are and what you stand for? Isn’t it important to maintain your profile at the same level, even more so, when similar companies are reducing theirs? Make sure your visibility hasn’t diminished, even if the internal workings have; it’s much harder to come back from a diminished point than to carry on from where you were before.


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