How many websites do you own?

A sales person rang me up today to tout his web-hosting company. He began with the usual spiel ‘We’ve looked at your website and we think we can provide some improvements for it’…

Further questioning on my part revealed his company was offering hosting at £49 a month, and my bombshell was that I was receiving perfectly adequate hosting per website for £1.50 a month. Ummm. His offer included hosting all my websites under one roof for his price. ‘How many websites do you think I have?’ I asked. ‘Oh, several, at least 100.’

Imagine my astonishment! I asked him how could I spend the time managing 100 websites: updating, reworking, adding new material, working at the SEO… ‘Oh, we’ll do all of that’ was his cheerful reply.

Excuse me, I’m not letting any old riff-raff near any of my websites. I’ve done enough research to know his company won’t have a clue in how I work, how to promote my new projects, my style and presentation – OK, maybe they will have time for SEO and other areas like that, but I certainly won’t let them do any web-writing.

And how many websites to I have? Two. I’d rather pay £3 a month to look after them myself, thank you. Rash, maybe, but sometimes I like to be in control, and I would rather vet my own SEO expert before commissioning one.

He obviously hadn’t looked at my main website or he would have realised I wasn’t the kind of organisation to have 100 websites. OK, there are some trains of thought that suggest each marketing campaign should have its own URL for the landing page. There are obvious good reasons for this, and this practice could easily result in a large collection of squeeze websites that need to be hosted collectively somewhere.

Unfortunately for him I was not in the market for that service at that time, and having told him he was barking up the wrong tree ‘big time’, the poor man was cruelly sent on his way with a flea in his ear.


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