Give Arts in Action a Bucks: Waddesdon Manor

logo150x105If you’re mad about the arts, then got to this event called MAD (which stands for Music, Arts and Dance) which is happening this weekend (27 & 28 June) at Waddesdon Manor near Oxford (UK). For more details, click on the MAD logo on the left.

Bring the family to experience the talent, energy and creativity of Buckinghamshire’s schools and community, through music, dance, drama, poetry, story telling, film, photography and much more (if that isn’t already enough), all in the wonderful grounds of Waddesdon Manor.

The idea of this weekend was to form closer working relationships with local, multicultural community by using Waddesdon Manor as a suitable cultural resource. Multicultural events such as African and Japanese drumming, samba workshops, photography competititions, collaborative art projects, conducting workshops, urban dance, ballet, digital art and music & drama performances of all kinds will be happening, so there is always something for all ages and interests.

The Stables have been transformed into a lively performance and education space, in response to the ‘Find Your Talent’ and ‘Creative Partnerships’ schemes promoted by the government, and indeed these initiatives are fully acknowledged by the Department of Media, Culture and Sport and the Department of Children, Schools and Families, as a chance to enable young people and schools to experience high quality arts and culture with creative professionals, artists, writers and actors.

MAD has been a major local cultural event since 2006, and last year 15,000 people thoroughly enjoyed themselves watching over 3,000 children perform in various events, workshops, projects and many other activities during the weekend.  Partnerships with such emiment establishments as The English National Ballet, Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Art, Bucks New University and many others have been the key to the success of the festival, and the organisers hope for their continued support in the future.


3 thoughts on “Give Arts in Action a Bucks: Waddesdon Manor

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  2. Hi Alice,

    This is a great event and an amazing family day out!

    I went last year with my familt and there is so much happening, both for the kids and for the adults!

    I would recommend anybody who wants to experience a great atmosphere and enjoyable day out to attend.



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