How many ways can you use a blog?

One blog I always read avidly is Graham Jones’s, and his post on using a blog to keep your customers happy poses an interesting insight into how you could use a blog in different ways, not just the usual weblog diary thing.

I like the idea of providing private blogs, or even individual password protected pages on your blog, for individuals or special customers; the blog could become a kind of interactive go-between or communication device (OK, I know we’ve got email for that sort of thing, but it’s not archived, is it?). Your blog could become a medium for customers to track the progress of their purchases and ask the provider specific questions, especially if the item is bespoke, as well as finding out more personal information than was available on the website.

Making your customers happy by keeping them in the loop is what a blog should be used for – communication creates relationships, which is part of the marketing process, and sharing and updating information is vital in maintaining the equilibrium.


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