Enhance how customers feel, not your product

Watching the ads on telly, the Dulux paint one caught my attention.  It was very short, and it consisted of a sad girl with a green background, and then her emotions were reversed as the green changed to a cheery yellow.

Dulux were playing with how the girl felt towards her newly decorated walls. It didn’t need to say which paint to use, as it’s logo is universally recognised (very useful) but it was working on the result of her choosing a better, happier colour. It was a method which was understood by all, didn’t require too many words to cloud over the issue, and played with feelings rather than the hard sell.

That is the way to go during a recession, reverting to how are your customers going to feel if they buy your product or use your services. What tangible thing will they have in their paws they can appreciate, understand, feel good about, show others and talk about?

Word of mouth is an inexpensive and extremely powerful form of advertising, and gathering testimonials as well as warranting good comments and reports will serve you no end. Spruce up your customer relations, provide a tip top service and ask for referrals! Use the social side of your business without getting bogged down with paperwork or selling scripts!

Oh, and another good technique is to produce case studies that will explain your business – if customers can see how you’ve improved the lives of others, then they will want a piece of the pie too!


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