Create case studies to show your business at its best

BT’s adverts are quite clever. For a number of years they have been based around a story of this chap who met a single mother, moved in with her, left to go to a job, lived on his own for a bit and then renewed his relationship leading to marriage and moving to a new house. For some years viewers have been following the exploits of this couple as they moved through their relationship.

All these different stages have been the background for highlighting a service or product BT has to offer. Each story has been carefully constructed over a period of time to show different scenarios where BT has something that fits the scene: using broadband, kinds of phone, benefits of using the phone, computer connections or whatever.

BT have a lot of services and products, and if they packed them all into one advert it would be a total disaster. But by basing them around a family or individual, their audience can see how it can relate to them – in fact, viewers are more likely to twist this information round to their point of view. And as BT have created or cultivated new products and services, they have adapted the advert’s story to fit around them.

This is a good way of getting the concept of your product or service across. One coach came to me for advice to see how he could market his various services. I told him he should create an ‘ideal client’, give him a name and a life story, and market the coaching business around how this client has been helped over a number of months, from the beginnings of his business leading up to his successes and good fortunes.

The idea of working with a series of case studies is not a new one. It’s easy to draw on your experiences, or even make them up if necessary, to form the ‘ideal situation’ you consider would best advertise your business.  By presenting them in a form that is easily understood and digested, you are more likely to achieve the required recognition and comprehension from prospective clients, eventually leading to sealing the deal.


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