How a health check could help you…

How does your online marketing hold up? Even if you have a system in place, are you sure its actions are focused on the correct direction?

I gave a health check at a networking meeting to a HR specialist. There were a number of subjects we touched on that she could expand from her existing systems in place.

First, I assessed she wished to change her newsletter provider and was considering and Aweber. We discussed the merits of both, but further probing revealed that she could combine Paypal with Aweber to provide a shopping cart that collects the details of her purchasers. These details can be used for promoting further products or events, as well as setting up a series of automated emails to further educate her subscribers to the remainder of her business.

Of course her newsletter will also do this function, but with a different slant. Don’t forget the call to action and purpose focus, or your communication will be ineffectual. Even if your message is purely educational, link back to the relevant pages on your website for further knowledge.

We discussed her series of online adverts she had in place. They had been suitably placed by an Adwords expert, but I felt there was more that could be done at the website end. The main consideration of this kind of advertising is a correct focus, for example, line it up with a squeeze page that collects the visitor’s details in exchange for a ‘prize’ or special report. These details can be used through Aweber with the automated emails directing to relevant webpages and the newsletter. Alternatively, the adwords ad could be directed to a squeeze page relevant to the words, where the visitor can make a selection for purchase or perform one action to satisfy their needs, again providing their details in the process.

We also touched on the power of blogging and how RSS can spread her expertise around social media and the web, and how followers could subscribe to her newly published blog posts. These posts could be expanded into articles and posted around the web in article directories, and by asking her followers to retweet or forward her posts to other potentially interested parties, especially if they liked what they have read, she could expand her audience appropriately.

We then discussed her recent website performance. She had recently updated it (very good for SEO reasons) but was confused that her rate of conversions had declined since doing so. I asked whether her index page may have become more confusing, as she had added more facilities and information to it.

My suggestion was that she needed to concentrate on the pain of her potential customers by investigating into what problems she should focus on in order to provide the appropriate solutions. Customers only surf for their problems on the web as they don’t yet know the answers. Carry out research through questionnaires and the Q & A section on LinkedIn, of which she was a member.

Combine these problems into three main ones and present them on the index page. The visitor will see the company fully acknowledges their pain, and combined with promises of the solutions if they click on the appropriate links, will get the visitor further into her website, which is an action she wanted to promote.

On the next page relevant to that particular problem then she could start to elaborate and provide the solutions. As long as this continues to be clear and understandable, the visitor can click to other more succinct pages on particular solutions and then make contact through a strategically placed contact form to discuss the subject further with the company.

I expect that took longer than half an hour, but I forgot about the time. If you would like such a health check, then go ask Alice!


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