How can my letter get read first?

This all depends on what caught your eye out of the usual selection of brown or white envelopes.

OK, to get your publication noticed above all the others, it needs to stand out. It needs to be different, crying out “I’m what you’ve been looking for!” and entice you to pull it first out of the pile.

To do this you will need: colour, quality and individuality.

What’s wrong with a different coloured envelope? A bright green or ferocious orange will certain draw attention to itself. Having a peculiar or out of the ordinary size won’t cut the chase, and it usually ends up requiring higher postage, but if you had an image or a bright flash of colour, of course reflecting your corporate branding, then this inevitably catches the reader’s eye.

But if you want to be conventional, use a high-quality envelope, beautifully written in calligraphy script using a real ink pen. This shows you care, have taken pains regarding presentation, and the reader isn’t just another one on a list.

And you don’t want your beautifully produced brochure to be overlooked just because it was sent in a rubbish package.

And sometimes you don’t even need to have an envelope! Postcards are ideal because your message is more likely to be read immediately because there is nothing to open up first.  Just think – your carefully composed and compelling headline hits the reader between the eyes even before he has thought about opening the post. The well thought-through image will capture the interest it deserves by stimulating the reader’s desire to find out more or understand its meaning.

And of course the remainder of the postcard will spread its magic powers through appropriate bullet points and a poignant and relevant call to action. After all, the main reason for the postcard would be to drive traffic to a squeeze page on your website leading to capturing potential customers’ details for more communication at a later date, all in exchange for a free special report. Or perhaps you have some other intention in mind…?


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