3 actions for your Facebook group

For some people blogging seems to be a technological advance they cannot cope with. For you and me it seems to be very easy, but for one particular friend I needed to find an alternative.

Originally she asked me to advise her on search engine optimisation, so I gave her a quick summary over coffee. She had a website that her company had provided, with the limitations self-editing within a template allows, and hopefully my advice on keyword research would spice up her copy a bit more than it would have done.

But since blogging was not an option she was willing to undergo, I suggested creating a Facebook Group instead. She already had a Facebook account and enjoyed using it, so this was just a natural progression.

Out came her laptop, and we soon created her a brand new group, much to her surprise and enjoyment. My preliminary explanations about SEO made the process a little easier, as she was primed with suitably keyworded copy from her company’s literature, plus a few of her own.

During this exercise I needed to find a simple way to explain how to optimise a Facebook group, so I created the three main actions required: collate, paste and tell.

It really is very simple:

Collate: get together all the information you need to promote a new event or product from your company, such as words, pictures, recommendations, videos or whatever.

Paste: go to your Facebook group page and put in the material you have collected.

Tell: then don’t forget to tell all your fans about your new entry through the link underneath the photo, not forgetting to tell their friends and Facebook contacts to visit the group, add in their comments and suggestions, and sign up themselves.

Never expect the popularity of your group to grow on its own. You need to ask your friends to help you with your viral marketing, don’t expect it to happen automatically. And if you provide good material for them to recommend to potential new recruits, then that makes it all the easier for them.

Oh, and there’s a fourth action just to complicate things: schedule in a time each week to put in new material. If you have an ‘update urge’ within the week, don’t resist it, but why not create a folder to store possible fodder for your Facebook page update so when the time comes you are ready. This makes the process all that much more enjoyable.


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