Don’t let insecurity rule

We all get pangs of insecurity from time to time. Mine have been very frequent of late, which has resulted in abandoning my businesses and taking on a job.

Lots of friends have been very supportive during my decision, and surprisingly once I had accepted my new fate, I received three requests to speak about marketing at various networking groups. Why is it that suddenly I’m seen as an expert after I had decided I wasn’t good enough to continue with my own business?

The main reason I quit being self-employed is because I wasn’t making any money. The recession had hit hard and marketing is (stupidly) one of the areas companies cut down on, and a fast declining bank account does nothing for one’s self-esteem.

Another reason is because my own marketing messages were confused. I had a lot I could offer, yet was unable to untangle them into a coherent presentation. I was just beginning to do this when the job offer came along, so I chickened out and jumped ship.

Another blow was from one particular marketing directory I regularly post into, had managed to attain some respect and become one of the most frequent bloggers. But this particular position was usurped by someone else who posted a huge amount of extremely informative posts and pushed me unceremoniously down the pecking order. Nevertheless, I have picked myself up out of the dust and will continue to post, even though this has severely shattered any notions I had of being a reasonable marketer.

But the title is: don’t let insecurity rule. My new job will give me the opportunity to learn new skills, work within an organisation that is doing well during the recession, and will give me plenty of spare time to think, blog, twitter and unravel my overloaded brain. And this subject will be the fodder for more posts in the future… so watch this space.


One thought on “Don’t let insecurity rule

  1. Hi Alice
    I have just come across your blog and have found it really interesting and engaging. I recently became freelance myself and I think you have highlighted just how tough working for yourself can be. Shame you have gone back to work but I totally agree with your reasons. Good Luck and I look forward to following your blog and posts on Twitter in the future!


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