Doesn’t anyone want to help me anymore?

I used to have two self-hosted blogs in addition to this one, but recently financial restraints have caused me to give one of them up. So I shall be returning to my good ol’ trusty hosted WP blog to unload.

Since this will be my ‘dumping’ blog, somewhere I can vent my feelings, it will be a mixture of all sorts of stuff, some rubbish (wallowing in self-pity) and hopefully some good (I have a load of posts from my forsaken blog to rewrite).

This is a wallowing in self-pity one today, so feel free to turn away.

I haven’t earned anything from my business since the summer, so I wanted to get a part time job to supplement my income, so I could continue to pay for auto responders, hosting, etc. Bit difficult to do if you have £0 coming in otherwise.

But – it seems I am unemployable.

I asked my previous employers for references, and they have declined. The first because she is basically a horrid piece of whatever and I didn’t really expect her to be forthcoming. The second I was very disappointed because I thought we had parted in good terms, especially since I did her a favour not long after leaving.

Perhaps if you haven’t worked for some years, you become invalid for a reference? I would love to know by how much.

And being stuck at my parents’ house at the moment looking after my mother after her open heart surgery makes it more difficult for me to sort this out. If I don’t get a suitable reference acknowledged by my prospective employer, I won’t get paid for the work I’ve already done!

Not much encouragement. Ladies, beware! If you do stay at home, and then want to return to work, you may find it difficult to get a reference from your old employer if you leave it too long.


4 thoughts on “Doesn’t anyone want to help me anymore?

  1. Stay strong Alice – please accept a virtual hug, and vent away.
    I’ve had a home run business for a few years and am just updating my CV for a voluntary position. Hard isn’t it!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts

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  2. I have been unemployable for years, hence being self employed. I have, however, worked a Clerk to Governors for a school for nearly 10 years. This probably doesn’t take up more than 3 hours a week but does give a respectable work history and a source of references because a lot of my old companies don’t even exist any more .
    Hope this gives a glimmer of hope.

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  3. Thank you Lottie for your virtual hug, much appreciated! Yes, it is hard. We work all hours, and yet get so little in return. The ever-lasting recession hasn’t helped, neither have the punters wising up on the Internet. Yet we continue because of our passion and because we don’t know what else to do!


  4. How interesting, Trish, this is regarding a reference for a Clerk to Governors job. You’d think that a school I successfully Clerked for 6 years would be more forthcoming, but perhaps there are rules and regulations that are beyond my control. Something I also noticed is that headteachers don’t hang around much, even if governors do.


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