Admonished by a five year old

And who better to do that to me.

A sweet little girl was waiting with her Dad in the M&S at Reading Station. I had gone in there to buy a bottle of water for my journey down to my parents.

She was waving a mouse stuffed toy. I asked her if it was an Emily Gravett mouse.

“No, it’s from Gruffalo.”

Opps, suitably corrected. Of course it was, I recognised it from the books.

She was enjoying herself standing on those circular stools that were available to reach products placed at the far back of the chiller cabinets, carefully watched by her Dad just in case she toppled. We remarked on how it made her taller so she could see what was going on.

“Are you the King of the Castle?” I asked.

“No, Queen of the Castle!”

This sufficient and apt correction proved to me it was time to move on. Stop digging before you can’t get out. Obviously I can’t compete with a five year old, and since it had been quite a number of years since my own were that age. It not only made me feel old, and out of touch with small children, I was certainly not ready for grandmotherhood – yet.

Luckily there’s still time to learn about gender equality from sweet little girls.